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环境科学论文代写 可持续发展与环境挑战

环境科学论文代写 可持续发展与环境挑战


Nowadays environmental destruction directly affects the economic process of world countries. Erosion, ozone layer’s becoming thin, pollution, increasing the number of dangerous flooding due to the destruction of settlements and climate changes altogether have a bad effect on people’s lives.

While reserving environment and natural resources is among the most important human challenges in the turn of the new century, the necessity of improving the level of life standards in the developing countries still keeps its importance.

Environmental sustainability and development are two essential elements in development planning, and in order to enjoy sustainable development we should firm industrial development based on the concept of environmental sustainability. Some parts of environmental consequences and damages are the results of unclear regulations and their lack of administrative guarantee, so rereading legal considerations and making arrangement in this area seem to be necessary.

The process of globalization due to the lack of preparing essential provisions for compensating the results of its avarice at last leads to destroying environment and earth’s natural resources and increasing poverty under the yoke of the world capitalism.

In this article, Iran’s environmental challenges with respect to the concept of development and specially ” sustainable development” have been discussed.

Key words: Environment, Sustainable development, Developmental Punishment, Globalization

1. Introduction:

Human beings and other living creatures each affect their surrounding environment. It should be said that primitive human being’s effect on environment was less by far and having an unpolluted environment had provided him with a more secure place for living. The life of creatures in the earth due to the development of polluting industries and its lack of proportion with environmental relations, qualitative change of civilization tools as well as ignoring safe relations between human needs and the status of environment has experienced increasing dangers.

Nowadays destructing habitats directly affects the economic, political, and social process of world countries as its unfavorable effects on people’s life are obvious.

Conserving the environment and the regional habitats has become the serious concern of governments, environmentalists, and those service and educational institutes involved in this matter.

Industry sector in this regard can be considered as an important element, as it can have a remarkable role in promoting life standards and this, in turn, has many good effects on the environment.

It is as clear as day that the central policy in development planning is the reasonable considering and compounding of these two elements: industrial development and environmental sustainability that in order to enjoy sustainable development creates industrial development based on the concept of environmental sustainability. In other words, at national level we should not just consider economic growth, but it is the way of fulfilling this growth that should be paid more attention.

The acceptable approach of modern development emphasizes on the concept of ”sustainability” versus ”unsustainability”. We should bear in mind that development is a subject that should include all aspects and parts of a society and should not just hold the environment in its general term including renewable natural resources like jungles, pastures, water resources, and so forth that can be divided into two parts, namely; natural environment and human environment.