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教师如何回应学生的互动是至关重要的决定信心的学生在能够说什么(克拉克,2009)。课堂讨论的互动式教学方式需要课堂气氛,让每个人都能自如地交流观点,表达自己的想法。贝恩(2001)指出:“在数学这涉及儿童解释、探索,hypothesising,预测、检测和谈论他们自己和他们的数学老师。错误被视为新发现,既不需要谴责也不嘲笑 为了能在数学课上表达他们的想法,提高他们对数学的理解,数学词汇需要在课上介绍(威克姆,2008)。然而,研究由皮姆(1987)被李(2006)强调数学语言不符合儿童通常会说。数学语言是儿童理解数学概念的障碍,意味着儿童可能觉得自己不能“做”数学(李,12)。例笔者能想到的是,当孩子们能够了解KS1“共享”,这是表达为“分”需要解释。学生需要学习如何使用数学语言来控制数学概念。神经网络的数学词汇的小册子.


How teachers respond to pupil interaction is crucial in determining the confidence pupils have in being able to say anything (Clarke, 2009). The interactive teaching approach where the class discussion takes place requires a classroom atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable in exchanging their views and expressing their ideas. Bain (2001) states that ‘Within mathematics, this involves children explaining, exploring, hypothesizing, predicting, testing and talking about their mathematics amongst themselves and with their teachers. Mistakes are treated as new discoveries and can be made with neither fear of reprimand nor of ridicule.’In order to be able to express their ideas in the maths lesson and increase their understanding of maths, mathematical vocabulary needs to be introduced during the lesson (Wickham, 2008). However, studies by Pimm (1987) and cited by Lee (2006) emphasize that the language of maths does not correspond to how children would normally speak. That the language of maths is a barrier to children’s understanding of mathematical concepts and means that children may feel that they cannot ‘do’ mathematics (Lee, p. 12). An example this writer can think of is that while children in KS1 are able to understand about ‘sharing’ when this is expressed as ‘division’ it needs to be explained. Pupils need to learn how to use mathematical language in order to have control over the concepts of maths. The NNS booklet ‘Mathematical Vocabulary’

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