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Advertising is the non personal communication for products, services, or ideas that is paid for by an identified sponsor for the purpose of influencing an audience (Bergh and Katz, 1999). A famous writer has stated advertising as the first, second and third element of success whereas some of them have termed it as the thing in which you can enjoy to the maximum while keeping your clothes on. The role of advertising in the business and in the society at large has been studied, analysed, defended, and criticized by large number of people representing a wide spectrium of professional groups, which include economists, sociologists, politicians, businessmen, novelists, anthropologists, psychologists and historians (Pollay, 1986). Advertising has two main executive functions, first economic and second social. It is often praised for the former and criticized for the latter. Lee and Johnson (2007) have identified 4 functions of ad. Advertising performs an ‘inform’ function. It communicates information about the product, its features, and its location of sale. Advertising performs a ‘persuasive’ function. It tries to persuade consumers to purchase specific brands or to change their attitude toward the product or company. Advertising performs a ‘reminder function’. It constantly reminds consumers about a product so that they will keep buying the advertised product instead of the competitor’s brand. Aaker and Norris (1982), it was found that TV advertising in US was perceived as informative by a substantial number of people.