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David (18 years, male) is suffering from a condition known as ‘diabetic ketoacidosis’. This is a very serious condition that occurs in diabetes where the body is unable to use the blood glucose to meet the energy needs due to the lack of insulin in the body. Therefore the body utilizes fat and the breakdown of fats results in the formation of ketones which slowly build up in the body could be toxic. Usually, Insulin plays a major role in the manner in which glucose is utilized as an energy source (Mayo 2010). With a lack of insulin, glucose does not enter the blood cells and hence fat is utilized as an alternative energy source. Any type of diabetes is at the risk of developing diabetic ketoacidosis (especially type 1, & rare case in type 2), and this condition often requires emergency and critical care.

Diabetic ketoacidosis is associated with certain risk factors such as illness, problems with insulin therapy, excessive stress, emotional or physical trauma, recent surgery, tremors, heart attack, listlessness, stroke, drug or alcohol abuse (Margaret, 2006). Type 2 diabetics can develop diabetic ketoacidosis following a bout of serious infection. Individuals who are Hispanic or African-American in origin are at a higher risk of developing diabetic ketoacidosis following type 2 diabetes. David is 18 years old and has developed diabetes ketoacidosis as a complication of type 1 diabetes (more likely) or type 2 diabetes (very rare), and this complication is common in this age/disease group