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怎样写论文 为大学生活做准备 making preparations for college life

With the end of another college entranceexamination, many students are going to enter the colleges after the summerholiday. There are some suggestions for them to make some preparation for theircollege lives.


First, the most importantthing they should learn is to learn to think independently.The ability of think independently is quite important in collegelife because no one will tell them what to do and how to do at all time incollege. Therefore, to own a meaningful college time, students need to practicetheir ability of think independently so that they can deal with various mattersby their own.


Second, another thing they should learn isto be independent. In addition to learn to think independently, they also needto be independent in their ordinary lives. They should develop an awareness ofindependence. They should aware the differences between high school life andcollege life. In life, they should try to cope with their own matters bythemselves; in study, they need to make their arrangements and supervisethemselves. In a word, they need to practice their ability of solving problemsby themselves instead of asking others for help at first.


Finally, to avoid some difficulties incollege life, students need to make some concrete preparations before theirentering college. They need to know the basic information of the college wherethey are going to enter, such as the traffic and the routine around it. Theyalso need to know the concrete requirement of their majors and even begin tolearn the basic knowledge of their majors so that they will not feel confusedat the beginning. Another point need to be mentioned is that learning English shouldnot be stopped even though in holiday.


Therefore, to have a meaningful andwonderful life in college, students need to begin to make preparations beforeentering it.