Marketing Essay 代写:集团业务部门是纺织和糖

Marketing Essay 代写:集团业务部门是纺织和糖


该集团提供的高质量的产品与非常低的价格相比,整个市场。该公司还生产许多产品和销售给客户。在纺织行业集团是代表许多国家和国际品牌。最著名的品牌是Eddie Baure,差距,斐乐体育,CK,李维斯,Ceilio,拉尔夫·劳伦RT,小伙子,高,七体育,石龙牛仔裤,李维斯牛仔裤和Dhull。同样在糖扇形集团也生产高质量的糖。这种糖在国内外都有销售。





分区后,他们收购了一家橡胶厂被交易为一个老纺织厂,安装了2400个主轴。到1965年度,本集团共有5个纺织米尔斯。对亚洲分区的问题时,Monnoo一家转移到了东巴基斯坦后设立了五个纺织厂的操作,3在西巴基斯坦和东巴基斯坦2 -。


Marketing Essay 代写:集团业务部门是纺织和糖

The group’s business sector is textile and sugar. The group is possessed twelve textile units and one sugar mill. Therefore it deals in textile and sugar related products. The group is for the most part depending in textile sector. Textile is considering one of the largest sectors in Pakistani economy. It contributes a lot to earning enormous revenue for the country. Textile sector certainly is the biggest sector of the Pakistan. Most of the labor is working in different textiles mills located all over the Pakistan. For that reason this sector is a big stakeholder of the government. In this sector we are competing with India, China, Bangladesh and many other Asian and European countries.

The group is providing high quality products with very low rates as compared to entire market. Monnoo group is also producing many products and sells it to its customers. In textile sector group is representing many national and international brands. The most famous brands are Eddie Baure, Gap, Fila Sports, CK, Levi’s, RT, Ceilio, Chaps Ralph Lauren, Janco, Seven Sports, Capito Jeans, Levi’s Jeans and Dhull. Similarly in sugar sector group is also producing high quality sugar. This sugar is sale out both inside the country and out of the country.

The textile sector has towering scope in Pakistan. Group always tries hard to fulfill their customer’s requirements. Therefore the group also offering after sales services to its valuable customers.

For over 65 years, the Monnoo group has been an icon of progress and trust, steering Pakistan towards success with the textile and sugar sectors. The Monnoo Family is a traditional name in Pakistan that has been the story of success for the industrial growth of the country. A name that unique stands out as the pioneer industrial family that has played a significant role in the growth of the economy.

The growth of the group has played an encouraging role in dominating the local industry and providing a secure future for its employees. The transformations brought about in the local industries by the Monnoo group have made them pioneers in the technological and customer oriented business conglomerates.

The group now owns twelve textile units and a sugar mill. As innovators in their fields, the group has kept pace with the latest state of the art technologies, through which the group now produces superior international quality products for clients worldwide. The Monnoo group has developed with remarkable speed from a traditional, family owned textile company into a modern high-tech industrial and agricultural conglomerate.

After Partition, their acquisition of a rubber factory was traded for an old textile mill, installed with a total of 2400 spindles. By the year 1965 the group had a total number of 5 textile mills. During the troubled time of partition of the sub-continent, the Monnoo family shifted to East Pakistan and later on set up five Spinning mill operations, 3 in West Pakistan and 2- in East Pakistan.

A number of companies associated with the group is serving the country since its inception and are indeed amongst the pioneers of the spinning industry in Pakistan. Beginning with one spinning mill to 12 textile mills consisting of more than 200,000 spindles with over 10000 employees. Most of the companies associated with the group are leaders in the areas of their activity, and have been ISO Certified.