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Marketing Report 论文代写:对rmutt方便面消费行为

 Marketing Report 代写:对rmutt方便面消费行为





 Marketing Report 代写:对rmutt方便面消费行为

During the economic recession, consumers have to spend more economically and change their consumption behavior. Food which people around the world initially thinks of and enables people to save more is instant noodles which are very cheap and have diversified brands and flavors. Therefore, the instant noodle market can make a lot of money when compared with other consumption goods because consumers like to buy and store the instant noodles during the economic recession period.

Almost every family in Thailand always store and eats the instant noodles as a meal or emergency food. When people are hungry at night and they want to save money, the instant noodles are their first choice. The study of Nano Search Co., Ltd showed that, at present, consumers buy and eat the instant noodles with which they have been familiar or a long time. Thai people in all ages know the instant noodles in diversified brands and original and new flavors which meet consumers’ need.

Most students at Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi (RMUTT) have domiciles in various provinces while some students’ houses are from the university. Therefore, they have to live in the dormitories outside and inside the university. As most students have no incomes, they have to save their expenditure on consumption. Therefore, the instant noodles are their first choice because there are several brands and original and new flavors of the instant noodles which meet consumers’ need. Therefore, the idea to learn about what events or factors affecting the consumption of instant noodles students.

The report is interested in purchasing behavior of the students at Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi. The research is conducted within RMUTT and data collection will be gathered from RMUTT student.