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MS Access Assignment 代写 端午节the dragon boat festival

TheDragon Boat Festival is one of the most popular traditional festivalscelebrated in China, which is on the fifth of the fifth lunar month, also knownas Duanwu Festival. It’s said that it is to commemorate the death of a Chinesepatriotic poet, Qu Yuan, who was snared by corrupt officials in ancient Chinaand finally committed suicide by drowning himself in the Miluo River to protestagainst them.


Thetraditions and customs held on this festival differ from place to place, butthere are some common in them. First, the most famous and great tradition isholding Dragon Boat races, which are held by fishermen’s attempt to protect QuYuan’s body against attacking by fishes and other animals in the river bybeating drums and row the dragon shaped boat. Nowadays dragon boat races havebeen an annual popular sport activity among people. In addition, making andeating Zongzi—a dumpling made of glutinous rice and wrapped in bamboo or reedleaves—is also a popular custom during this day. It can be made by many kindsof stuffing. What’s more, hanging herbs on the front door, drinking realgarwine and pasting up picture of Zhongkui—a mythic guardian figure in ancientchina—are also popular during the festival, which are mean to protect peoplefrom evil and disease.

这个传统习俗不同的地方有不同的庆祝方式,但也有相同的方面。首先,最出名的传统就是举行龙舟比赛,这是由渔民们举行的,通过打鼓和划龙形的船来保护屈原的身体免受鱼类和其他动物的攻击。现在龙舟赛是人们一年一度的流行的体育活动。此外,做和吃粽子——糯米面团,包着竹叶或芦苇叶,在那一天也是 一个流行的风俗。它可以由不同种类的馅料制成。还有就是,门上挂着草药,人们喝雄黄酒,在门前张贴中国古代神话人物钟馗的图片在节日期间也是很受欢迎的,做这些的意义是保护人们免受邪恶和疾病。

Thesecustoms and traditions have been changed a little in recent years, but theystill make contribution to the spread and inheritance of Chinese culture.



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