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润色英文 吸烟有害健康 生命隐形杀手 the killer to lifesmoking

  Smoking is bad for our health. It may cause cancers or other diseases. Every year hundreds of people catch diseases because of smoking. Some even die of it. Few people like staying together with smokers.


  Since smoking has so much harm, smokers should get rid of the bad habit. You can try to change it little by little. When you want to smoke, eat some nuts or sugars. You can also do some interesting things to divert your attention.


  Please give up smoking for your health.


  It’s quite dangerous for us to smoke. Smokers only wanted to try it at first. But they smoke more and more, and when they want to give it up, they can’t. The habit is so strong that it is very hard to get rid of. Some people have got cancers. Some of them die of it. No one likes to stay together with smokers for a long time.Their family suffer from smoking.


  Please give up smoking for your and your family’s health.