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Programming Assignment 代写 机器翻译与人脑翻译 machine translation and human translation

Nowadays, all sorts of translation software or electronic dictionaries are emerging in an endless stream and people can get a lot of help from using of them when studying and working. Therefore, some people say that new translation tools will inevitably replace the human translation one day in that translation software or machines are becoming increasing exact and accurate in dealing with the words or phrases, even the sentences. In addition, compared with human translation, new translation tools are more convenient and less time-consuming.


However, on the other hand, some people hold that translation machine will never replace human translation, as computer will never replace human brain. The sentences or the passages translated by translation machines are rigid and inflexible because translation machines cannot change or convert the meaning of the words or phrases according to different occasions. And what’s worse, if we depend on translation machines too much, we will be lazy in thinking independently and likely to lose our ability of thinking.


Taking above into consideration, I support the latter. As far as I am concerned, we should never let ourselves controlled by digital products or other things. As for translation, I think that we should try our best to do it by ourselves at first before using the tools, especially the students.


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