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Research in entrepreneurship has introduced many aspects of how and why people make decisions in new venture creation (Shane, 2002). Entrepreneurial individuals are often motivated by economic and/or psychological factors. Scholars have agreed that the entrepreneurial process and theories involve a complex set of variables that are beyond any single aspect. To identify motives and incentives of entrepreneurial activities involves disseminating several layers of relationships between personal factors, external forces and other random events (Liang and Dunn, 2007).

From the existing literature we can rationally hypothesize that, the decision to launch a new venture probably includes individual endogenous factors and exogenous factors of the environment. Limited studies have discussed the possibility that pre business entrepreneurs (who are planning to become entrepreneur) might have different triggers to launch new ventures compared to in-business (who are expanding the business) professionals.

Triggers as defined by Liang and Dunn (2007) “forces in the individuals or in the individuals’ perception of their situation that move them toward the entrepreneurial process”. It is important to distinguish “triggering factors” and “triggering events” from “triggers”. Triggering events are more like “something happened as an occasion or an episode that influence individual’s assessment on the situation.” Triggering factors could be interpreted as “issues or features that influence individual’s perspectives about certain situations” (Liang and Dunn, 2007).

This study measures the triggers, which influences the professionals (who are planning to become and those who wants to expand their business) to become entrepreneurs. In addition to this we will also measure the relationship between the triggers and demographics of individuals.

This study is of major interest to various government organizations like small and medium enterprises (SMEDA), non government organizations (NGO), policy makers of government and business to business organization (B2B). Implications of this research study will help them to identify the pattern of individuals, who wants to become entrepreneurs and which triggers them to think about starting new venture.