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澳洲assignment代写 网上购物能否代替传统购物?

Since its rise, the Internet has been playing a more and more important role in our daily life. It brings tremendous convenience and efficiency to our lives. Online shopping is also a new rising thing brought by the Internet. Since its increasing developing speed, some people think that online shopping will replace traditional shopping. However, as far as I am concerned, it won’t happen in a short time.


Although online shopping is really very convenient, there are still some strong points of traditional shopping which cannot be replaced by online shopping. Firstly, online shopping lacks the intuitional impression of goods. Sometimes the photos offered by the sellers are beautified with softwares, and you will be disappointed to find the actual item is far from your expectation. Secondly, returning goods in online shopping is quite troublesome, and sometimes you only can achieve your goal at the cost of the payment of the postage by yourself. Finally, there are too many fake products and cheats in online shopping, and the quality of goods cannot be guaranteed as those in traditional shops.


According to the points above, online shopping still needs some improvements to totally replace the functions of traditional shopping. However, the potential of online business is so huge that it will certainly take a great share in the trade market.


澳洲assignment代写 网上购物能否代替传统购物?