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Evangelical churches have got doctrines which has great impact to women in their way life. Some of these doctrines include regulation of birth control methods, health care regulation, formal education regulation and family upkeep regulations. This is clearly indicated by Quiver full movement. Many women have succumbed to these doctrines in their efforts to remain loyal and true disciples. The most critical of these evangelical doctrines is the regulation of birth control methods to women. The doctrines advocates for bearing of many children as possible as long as the fertility of women can allow. The women followers adopt the teachings of these evangelical religions whereby they bear many children to multiply the world. Many women argue in support of these doctrines on the aspect of doing God’s will as stipulated in the Bible whereby they are destined to fill the earth and subdue it. This has resulted to large families across the globe whereby it has reached to a critical point. These large families have strained the economy in the process of maintaining them. The mother of the children is highly burdened in catering for their needs and nurturing them while men have distanced themselves from the family chores. The women are taught to submit to their husbands at all cost. Therefore many men will use this argument in their pursuit of women exploitation and if women oppose any of the doctrines, penalties are severe. The family planning methods have been condemned by many of evangelical doctrines and women submit to these teachings as a reason to do the will of God and as a sign of respect to God. Family planning methods are viewed as opposition to the word of God whereby women Christians are supposed to follow natural methods of birth control as indicated in these teachings. Women Christians have been stuck in the ancient ways of doings things such that any aspect of modernity, which include family planning methods, is regarded as evil. Therefore women will submit to their husbands who make sure that they follow the doctrines as required (Joyce, 2009).

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