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此外,所罗门et al(2010)显示,信息搜索的主要目标是创建一组意识,涉及到几个品牌可以解决消费者的问题。


Jobber (2010) revealed that information search “involves the identification of alternative ways to solve a problem”. Information search might be carried out internally or externally (Jobber 2010). This was supported in the first visit when the 2 ladies revealed that they searched the Internet as well as ask friends about the museum. However, internal search involves a consumer reviewing relevant information from his memory bank in which the information will include reference to personal experiences and marketing communication. While, external search involves searching from personal sources like friends, co-workers, neighbours as well as commercial source like sales people and advertising (Jobber 2010).

Recently, consumers tend to use the internet as their major information search tools using search engines like Google and Yahoo (Jobber 2010) This was also suppoted in the first visit when the two ladies revealed they searched the Internet for more information before coming to the museum.

Furthermore, Solomon et al (2010) revealed that the major aim of information search is to create an awareness set that involves several brands that can solve the consumer`s problem.