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修改论文 现代科技与人类的关系the relationship between modern technology and human

In the modern time, the growth of technology is increasingly developed. More and more people don’t use their brains when there is no need to use other instruments. Too much people use technology so that people are lazier and less healthy than before. They rely on technology too much.

Some believe that modern technology shorten the distance of human. For instance, people all use cellphone to call friends or family, or computer to search information, or use QQ, MSN, twitter, blog etc. These modern instruments shorten the distance between human.

However, others think that it’s just the reverse. Technology makes people use less face-to-face communication. The contact in real life is less and less. People do less interaction to each other. In the long term, people will get depressed without enough communication.

As far as I’m concerned, modern technology provides convenience to people. It makes people easily to get information. Only could we use it correctly, it does much contribution to us. 

世界气象日The World Meteorological Day

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