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学术论文英文 我们应该限制私家车吗?should we put a limit on private cars

With the rapiddevelopment of Chinese economic and the improvement of living standards ofordinary people, more and more private cars are on road. Some people thinkprivate cars can bring great convenience to the owners while others argue thatgovernment should put a limit on private cars. In my humble opinion, we shouldput a limit on private cars.


First of all, themore private cars, the more traffic jams. If people stuck on a traffic jam, itwill cost them a lot of time, some people even late for work. What’s more,nowadays finding a parking spot is much harder than before because there aretoo many cars on streets. Sometimes you just arrive at the destination, but youjust cannot find a place to park your car. The place is so crowded that youhave to park in other place which may be far away from your destination.


Secondly, theprice of gasoline and repairs are constantly rising, not to mention the pricesfor the insurance and the fear of being stolen. If you do not make enoughmoney, you can barely pay for the fees of the cars. This can cause great burdento your daily life.


Last but notleast, the cars produce tens of thousands of carbon dioxide, which will creategreenhouse effect and other serious environmental pollution. Someenvironmentalists predict that in the next few years, the ozone layer willfully disappear and will increase the rate of getting skin cancer. And the airwe breathe in is not as pure as before, do we really need to sacrifice ourfuture to enjoy the so called convenience?


Due to thesereason, I think people should think twice before they buy a private car. Weshould not only consider the increasing cost of owning a car, but also shouldthink about the future we have. It’s not only a personal thing, but also thewhole country, the whole world.


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