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Religion Essay 代写:使徒行传之介绍

Religion Essay 代写:使徒行传之介绍

The Acts of the Apostles is the fifth book of the New Testament. It is a very important manuscript because it gives a glimpse into early Christian history, namely the history of the early Church. The record itself functions as a historical text that allows insight into the growth of Christianity, from Judaism into its own religion. The early chapters, set in Jerusalem, explore Jesus’ resurrection and Great Commission, His ascension with a prophecy to return, the launch of the twelve Apostles’ ministries, and the Day of Pentecost. In fact, without the book of Acts and Paul’s epistles, there would be no information at all about these things.¹ The later chapters of Acts discuss Paul’s change on the road to Damascus, his ministry, and finally his arrest, confinement, and following trip to Rome.

There is no evidence that the title, The Acts of the Apostles, was part of the original text, although some scholars believe that it does come from the author, himself. The first documented account identifying the text as The Acts of the Apostles appears in the late second century by Ireneaus.² However, there are only three apostles mentioned by name in the entire book of Acts. It is suggested by some that a better title would be The Acts of the Holy Ghost in view of

the fact that the Holy Bible states: “after that he through the Holy Ghost had given commandments unto the apostles whom he had chosen” (Acts 1:2).

While the author of the book of Acts remains unknown, it is clear that the individual, or individuals, who composed this great work also composed The Gospel of Luke. In fact, together, these books make up a two-volume set with Luke as the first part and Acts as the second. Most academic authorities agree on this deduction.

The most notable evidence of the connection to these works is that they are both addressed to Theophilus. Although there is no other documented history of this man and he is not mentioned elsewhere in the Holy Bible, many theories are made about who he was. The book of Luke addresses him as “most excellent Theophilus” (Luke 1:3), an esteemed title of that time, so many intellectuals have proposed that he was a man of high ranking in the service of the Roman government. Others suggest that Theophilus is an alias which, taken from the Greek language, means “lover of God.”³ It may have been dangerous at that time to be a Christian. If that is the case, it is reasonable that the author would have written to a lover of God whose real name he did not wish to reveal.

Religion Essay 代写:使徒行传之介绍