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外国论文网 庆祝西方节日 the celebration of western festivals

In recent years, western festivals have increasingly aroused a greatattention among Chinese people, especially the young.Concerning the phenomenon of Chinese people’s interest incelebrating the western festivals, different people have divergent views.


For one thing, some people hold that thecelebration of western festivals has added more fresh and joys to our lives. Forexample, on Valentine’s Day, many young people will give their gifts to eachother to extend their love and strengthen their relationship or express theiradmiration. From this aspect, the celebration of western festivals provides achance for us to communicate with others and develop our relationships. Inaddition, the celebration of western festivals has also added some fresh bloodto our traditional Chinese cultures.


For another, others point out that people’stoo much attention to the western festivals will result in less attention toour traditional ones. And in the long term, more and more people in the nextgeneration will have no knowledge about our traditional culture.


As far as I am concerned, I am inclined tofavor the former one because I think the celebration of western festivals isnecessary and important for us to keep our traditional culture fresh andactive.