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英文论文 适当拒绝孩子 say no properly

In China nowadays, most families have only one child, who gets more and more attention and love from their parents. Parent always try their best to meet the needs of the child because most of the time they are too busy with their work to stay with the only child. Then more and more parents tend to say "yes" to most of their children’s demand as a method to make up for the lack of care. However, it’s not a blessing to always say "yes" to children.


Indulgence from parents is very likely to throw bad influence on their children. For one thing, the only child of a family has difficulty distinguishing right and wrong. They used to get "yes" from others. Therefore, once they are refused, they will feel angry because in their mind, nobody can say "no" to them. Now, there are many bad events that youngsters hurt or kill others just because they are refused.For another thing, children will form the habit of getting something for nothing. They take everything they get for granted with no gratitude. They have formed the view that their parents have the duty to buy everything for them.Finally, most of the only children are selfish. Being the only child in the family, they needn’t share anything with other, so usually they don’t realize the importance of share.


In short, parent are supposed to take some effective measures to prevent the negative influences of overindulgence on their children, and parents should bear in mind that it’s no good to the children’s growth if they always say "yes" to them.


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