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英文论文修改 整形手术的风险 the risks of plastic surgery

Today, Korean TV series is very popular in China, people are attractive by the beautiful girls and handsome boys, they want to be one of them.Korea is famous by the plastic surgery, it is said that most Koreans have done the surgery. Out of the purpose of pursuing perfect outlook, people want to imitate Korean stars to fix their outlooks. While people always overlook the risks.

One of the main risks of undergoing plastic surgery is that there is no guarantee of the results. Plastic surgery needs to be cooperated in many times, because the customers are always not satisfied with the outcome, so they want to fix and get more ideal result. But the bad thing is people get disfigured after so many surgeries, they will have psychological problem, they will suffer from anxiety and desperation.

The other main risk of plastic surgery is people need to cost a lot of money to pursue the perfect outlook. As the mention above, we know that people often need to do the surgery many times, so they need to pay many times, which means the large amount of money. People even will get personal bankruptcy.

In conclusion, people want to make their faces more charming by plastic surgery, but we must have to remember the risks. If you want to do the surgery, you must measure all the factors.

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