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Students at this level should start to acquaint themselves to the penalties of copying from sources and/or from their fellow students. They should understand that any plagiarised and/or copied assignment will result in a heavy market deduction.

The Four Seasons Corporation is a new firm to the market that is established recently. Since the garment industry is growing in a pace rate worldwide, the company decided initially to focus on this industry. The total available capital of the company is $350,000. The company owes no assets at this stage. As a distinguished graduate from AOU the company decided to appoint you as a consultant. Your main task is preparing a feasibility study to aid the company to make the final decision of its intended business. The following inquiries are the underlying bases for the feasibility study:

Garment production industry has diversified so much that it is hard to survive in Bahrain market, due to the high demand on supplies and wages, and high expenses, also the customer outlook on fashion has changed so much over the years that companies are forced to come up with the same business competitors.

However to intended the garment sector here in Bahrain with all success opportunity and will less lose if any, and with a budget of $350.000, We recommend to start a retail business.

Our initial goal is to open one large boutique,as here in Bahrain there is no taxes on personal or corporate income. There is no withholding and no value-added tax (VAT), this will allows a effective operation and will build a loyal customer base which will guide FOUR SEASONS to become profitable in year two, as well as building a well-recognized business name.

As a consultant, I think that starting a woman garment retail business can be an exciting endeavor, Four Seasons has the potential to become a highly regarded garment retail boutique in Bahrain. With increase in completion we need to put in a lot of efforts, and while our initial goal is to open one boutique, expansion plans include potentially a well-recognized business name.

Due to the business plan and aggressive marketing strategy, the company must secure initial capital which will be used for startup cost, business structure and development as well as marketing strategy, Four Seasons should be able to achieve the operational success in the second year.

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