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充血性心力衰竭是一种慢性疾病的病人必须忍受他们的生活的其余部分。通常病人禁用,导致困难许多活动。焦虑和沮丧与这种疾病是很常见的。这些患者经常出现的症状增加焦虑水平,如呼吸困难。还有一个高风险的萧条。生活方式的改变,生活质量问题会导致抑郁症的发生几个月后的初始诊断心力衰竭。这还可能出现焦虑和抑郁患者的家庭。可能会有增加的压力由于成为个人护理。另一方面,希望是幸福的一个主要指标对心力衰竭患者。希望对他们的病人诊断多参加社交活动。(Ignatavicius &工人,2010)



Congestive heart failure is a chronic disease the patient will have to live with for the rest of their lives. It is often disabling to the patient and causes difficulties with numerous activities. Anxiety and frustration are common with this disease. Symptoms that occur with these patients often increase anxiety levels such as dyspnea. There is also a high risk for depression. Lifestyles changes and issues with quality of life can cause depression to occur months after the initial diagnosis of heart failure. This anxiety and depression may also occur in the patient’s family. There may be an increase amount of stress due to having to become a caregiver for the individual. On the other hand, hope is a major indicator of well being for patients with heart failure. The patients who have hope about their diagnosis are more socially involved. (Ignatavicius & Workman, 2010)

AH show signs of anxiety if she has to lie down to sleep. She states, “It is hard to breathe when I am flat”. This is the reason that AH sleeps either in a high-fowlers position in the bed or in a cardiac chair while in the hospital. AH does not take any medications to reduce anxiety or help her sleep. AH does not show any signs of depression. She stated that she feels taken care of by her son and loves that he is always around for her. She does not have any depression related to the death of her husband either. She stated, “We had a good life together and a good marriage”. She shows no need for depression medications at this time.

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