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芬太尼透皮贴剂是一种人工合成的麻醉性镇痛药,广泛用于临床麻醉原本以Paul Janssen博士早在六十年代。这是约一百倍更有效,吗啡;这是一个黄金标准的阿片类思想;这是在其他阿片类药物进行了比较和测试吗啡。由于其效力,芬太尼主要用于慢性长期的疾病,如癌症,但是它也被用于在短期急性疼痛,例如,孩子出生(芬太尼硬膜外将在这种情况下使用)。芬太尼可以用在许多方面,其中包括:补丁,ionysys,棒棒糖,注射和硬膜外。



Transdermal Fentanyl is a synthetic narcotic analgesic that is widely used in clinical anaesthesia which was originally synthesised by Dr Paul Janssen in the early sixties. It is approximately one hundred times more potent that morphine; which is thought of a the golden standard for opiods; this is where other opiods are compared and tested against morphine. Due to its potency, Fentanyl is mainly used for chronic long term illnesses such as cancer; however it is also used in short term acute pain for example child birth (a Fentanyl epidural would be used in this situation). Fentanyl can be administrated in many ways, which include: patch, ionysys, lollipop, injection and epidural.

To summarise Transdermal Fentanyl is a potent synthetic analgesic which was manufactured for the treatment of both chronic and non chronic pain management which include situations such as cancer or childbirth. It is widely used for the treatment of cancer as is it approximately one hundred times more potent than morphine which is described as the “golden standard” for opiods. The Fentanyl patch is manufactured in two different styles; Matrix and Reservoir; they work by diffusing the drug through the pores of the skin and allowing it to be transported around the body’s blood system furthermore crossing the blood barrier binding to the µ-opiod receptors. The lollipop as a top up mechanism in conjunction according to the patient’s pain level. The patch is effective and preferred by patients as it has fewer side effects than the majority of opiods i.e. morphine, and provides the patient with a better quality of life as it can be administrated at home and last for approximately seventy-two hours.

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