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普拉达首次由Mario Prada在1913推出。它主要强调高品质的皮革生产手袋,箱包,鞋和行李箱。然而,在1978,当缪西娅·普拉达接管了公司,他们一直在努力反对古琦的竞争。从中,缪西娅·普拉达注意到他们需要改变他们的观点,在他们的营销计划,他们需要一个新的外观产品击败古琦。因此,她决定重新设计一些普拉达的老热门的目的是保持客户和吸引新客户。黑色经典袋销售是成功的,并帮助普拉达确认为上层优雅的象征。

到了1990,普拉达管理者注意到他们的产品范围只适用于上流社会的消费者而不是中产阶级的顾客。从它,他们推出一个新产品命名为“Miu Miu”以实惠的价格吸引中产阶级客户。他们还介绍了普拉达体育线随着男子的线和内衣。直到今天,普拉达有许多不同的产品线,不同的外观设计,同时保持他们的高质量标准。


Prada was first introduced by Mario Prada in 1913. It mainly emphasize with high quality leather production on handbags, suitcases, shoes and trunks. However, in 1978, when Miuccia Prada took over the company, they had been struggling against competition of Gucci. From it, Miuccia Prada notices they need to change their perspectives in their marketing plan; they need a new appearance product to beat down Gucci. Therefore, she decided to redesign some of Prada’s old favourites with the purpose of remains customer and attract new customer. The Black classic bag sales were successful and help Prada recognised as a symbol of upper class elegance.

By 1990, Prada management noticed that their product range is only suitable for upper class consumer and not middle class customers. From it, they launch a new line product which named “Miu Miu” with the affordable prices to attract middle class customers. They also introduced the Prada Sport line along with men’s line and lingerie. Until today, Prada has many different product line with different appearance design while maintaining their high quality standard.

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