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Some recent researches focus on analyzing the changing environment of academic profession and cultures which including internal distinction and external surroundings. (Altbach, 1996; Enders and Teichler, 1997; Enders, 2001b) According to the external changing, firstly, the higher education is becoming more massification which may impact the relationship between students and teachers. The class size is much greater now compare with the past which means it is difficult for both students and teachers to communicate with each other. Furthermore, the weakness of link between teaching and research may also come out thus reduce the academic profession’s status (Halsey, 1992). Meanwhile, the utilization of resource and facilities may become intense which lead the reduction of expenditure on each student, even the pay level, and physical working condition are decreasing as well. Finally, the globalization also impacts the academic area in the certain point, there are more entrepreneur atmosphere shows up in universities as the demand of knowledge for global markets or something else.There are also some internal distinctions within academia. Fulton (2001) claimed the managers have increasingly supervised the performance of academics about how they separate the resources for teaching and research. And there are also some financial problems may come out because it should be a balance between permanent and temporary staff. Some ethnic, gender, previous experience may also generate some inequities problems which have become more obvious in recent years

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