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This paper explores all aspects of Pedophiles. It provides the definition for pedophiles in the past, and provides the present day definition for pedophiles. The paper describes the characteristics they possess and how you can identify them. Pedophilia is a topic that is not touched on enough which is why the recidivism rates are so high and most are not aware when it is occurring or who can be vulnerable to this act. Also provided is the times of vulnerability to children. This paper explores different treatments set in place for these offenders. Several psychologist ideas are listed throughout the page and provided is the criteria for pedophiles. Lastly, the paper will attempt to explain what law enforcement officers are doing to reduce of even eliminates the rates of pedophiles with our help and the help of higher resources they have at hand. At the end, you will see how the development of the Internet and computer-mediated communications has fostered the growth of a wide range of deviant sexual behaviors.

According to the book, Investigating high-tech crime, pedophiles have been around for most of recorded history. The older term, paederast refers to a man who has intercourse with a boy. Today, a pedophile is defined as an adult who is sexually attracted to children. Both definitions are similar and the only difference now is that we now acknowledge the fact that pedophiles are not only limited to men. Many people have different views on the matter of what should be done to pedophiles when they are caught. For example, some believe that they should be put to a horrible death and others like internet users believe that they should be locked away for life without the possibility of parole. It may sound a bit harsh to some but when you think if you or someone has been a victim of this cruel act, your opinions would greatly differ. In no form is this act considered acceptable. It is frowned upon all across the world and although they may be true, this does not stop the perpetrator from committing this illegal act. This paper will accurately define pedophiles and how they work. It will also list the different categories of pedophiles and explain how law enforcement is working to stop them with our help and the help of the resources they have at hand. There are different measures used to stop this act and we will attempt to explore them all.

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