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Vodafone itself was formed in 1982 as undertaken at the risk was divided between strategic radio Ltd (which of Racal of what is auxiliary plc electronics of Racal it gained one of two BRITISH licenses of the network of the portable telephone) with Millicom and the confidence of the technology of Hambros. In this Racal adjustment had 80%, Millicom 15% and Hambros 5%. The network was known like Racal Vodafone, with the name of Vodafone which was derived from the objective of the signature to establish a voice and cellular telecommunications networks of the surplus of the services of the data. Consequently the voice represented VO and DA symbolized the data – output of known Vodafone.

Vodafone was launched on January 1, 1985 and this strategic radio of Racal of the year was reticulated thereafter group of telecommunications of Racal limited in 1985. One year thereafter, on December 29, 1986 the electronics of Racal bought towards outside with shareholders of minority of Vodafone for GB£110 million. In September 1988 reticular with the company another time telecommunication of Racal and on October 26, 1988 the electronics of Racal floated 20% of the company – a flotation this evaluated telecommunication of Racal in GB£1.7 billion. On September 16, 1991 the telecommunication of Racal was demerged electronics of Racal while the group of Vodafone and the mobile giant of telephony were born.

During the Nineties of the Vodafone mixture it started to be consolidated in top the British street. In July 1996 Vodafone it acquired two thirds of ground of the tank it that which it did not already have for £30.6 million. On November 19, 1996, in a movement of defense, Vodafone bought with telephonic people for £77 million, a store 181 of chain that customers used in a disconcerting way the network of Vodafone. In a similar movement the company acquired 80% of the communications of Astec that did not have a supplier of service with 21 stores. This made Vodafone a very visible presence in the British principal street and perceptibly increased the part of company of BRITISH mobile customers.

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