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The second section listed 33 important possible factors may impact on teacher job satisfaction, which contained four aspects, the first one was related to personal needs and values, such as achievement of teaching or research, recognition of efforts, promotion prospects, effort-reward balance, relationships with others, opportunities for self-management, appropriate salary, intellectual challenge, good balance between work and personal life opportunities to show impact in your field of scholarly activity, opportunities to participate decision-making, requirement to maintain personal reputation; The second aspect were some characteristics of the working environment: relationships with others, friendliness of colleagues, physical condition of working environmentï students are well-motivated, a focus on making learning more effective, class sizes enable dialogue with all students, and some other elements which related to work itself, encompassing workload, stress at work, work content, a focus on making learning with all students, collaborative working, independent working, proportion of time spent on teaching, proportion of time spent on research, availability of resources for teaching, time for marking; The third side was focus on self-perception and professional development, for instance, annual review/appraisal is helpful to self-development, professional development opportunities relevant to own needs, management action indicates good teaching is valued, holding a belief in one’s own ability to be effective; The last part was concentrated with management and administrative actions, for example, influence over policies/procedures, management action indicates good research is valued, management action indicates good teaching is valued, proportion of time spent on administration.