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同侪影响也是预测音乐参与高中合唱团的一个因素。对于这些高中歌手,60.8%参加合唱团,因为它是“他们的朋友在哪里”,而只有31.5%的非参与者认为是一个有效的理由。合唱团的学生似乎会吸引和分享与其他合唱团学生的共性。友情和支持感在这所高中合唱团的房间是显而易见的。因为调查发生在学年结束时,有很多机会通过前一学年的排练和表演来联系和联系。 总结,预测为加利福尼亚南部的这些高中生合唱音乐的持续参与在家的积极支持和参与的因素,在小学和中学的经验,积极的音乐,在音乐的技能,积极的自我概念和同行的支持。虽然有许多因素要考虑,而不是所有的音乐教育家的境界或控制,积极,质量,有意义的音乐经验,在小学和中学将鼓励学生继续参与和预测进一步的音乐发展。


Peer influence was also a factor in predicting music participation in high school choir. For these high school singers, 60.8% participated in the choir because it was “where their friends are,” while only 31.5% of the non-participants considered that to be a valid reason. Choir students would seem to be attracted to and share commonalities with other choir students. The sense of camaraderie and support was palpable in the choir room of this high school. Because the survey occurred at the end of the school year, there had been many opportunities to bond and connect through the rehearsals and performances of the prior academic year(s).
To summarize, the factors that predicted continued participation in choral music for these high school students in Southern California were positive support and involvement at home, positive music experiences in elementary school and middle school, a positive self-concept in regard to music skills, and the support of peers. While there are many factors to consider, and not all are in the realm or control of the music educator, positive, quality, meaningful music experiences in elementary and middle school would encourage students to continued participation and predict further musical development.

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