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However where and when did really Global Governance started to matter it is not certain. Possibly at the beginning of the 19th century. What is certain is that after the “belle époque”, the world started to crash. A new era of highly interrelated global interdependence had begun and the world’s answer had been international institutions. The first and most important post World War I institutions was the League of Nations, which was supposed to maintain peace but miserably failed giving us World War II. The second attempt shows much more success with the United Nations. Between WWI and WWII, we have the first modern economic crash and the Great Depression. On the same wave of new international institutions, IMF and WB are born for a higher economic protection. However, this time round, the economic institutions have failed: nations which have followed IMF had economic crisis, the WB is mainly divulgating American economics and yet today, developing countries (which in some cases thanks to the combination of over speeded up globalization and bad governance) have even worsen their situation and still have little representation. Finally, the Cold war.

The peace of Westphalia is the origin of the a system of nation-states. These then evolved in the 19th century as the main actor of territorial policies and subsequently passed to the welfare state. Before the massive expansion of political, economical and social benefits and issues around the world had started due to globalization, and before the progress in transport and communication had opened markets to the world, the Nation-State was the center of everything. Certainly, because of globalization, States have been weakened due to the fact that some of their actions have either been diverged to international institution or have become of international interest. While the State would act in favor and interest of the Nation, now a more collective action is requested and national issues are shared between numerous populations, converting therefore to a global level.

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