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Yamaha Music is a Multi-National Corporation (MNC) that is very well known for their musical instruments and music school. Yamaha being a diverse business also do businesses that are related to audio products, music software, and motorcycles. Yamaha is known globally and has outlets in more than 40 countries, stretching across 6 continents.

It is sure that a MNC like Yamaha music does not prosper and be so well known overnight. A company like that must have taken many years to build up their reputation, and expand across the globe to become know by many. Therefore, it really amazes me and I am curious to find out how they became so renowned by the world, specifically in Singapore.

Hence, in this Professional Profiling report, I will be looking into how Yamaha grow and become a MNC, particularly in Singapore.

Yamaha Corporation is a company whose primary business is to manufacture and sell musical instruments such as guitars, pianos, percussion instruments and more. Apart from musical instruments, Yamaha have expanded their business into manufacturing and selling other music-related products such as audio software and products, and IT equipments. Moreover, Yamaha also expanded their business into lifestyle-related products and the well-known Yamaha Motors. To be in such a big business helped Yamaha appeal to an extensive range of customers.

Other than selling products that Yamaha manufacture, they also opened music schools as well. Their music schools also had a good reputation themselves. They had more than 700,000 students and developing in more than 40 regions and countries Yamaha has numerous classes and different classes to cater to students of different age group, interest and level of difficulty.

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