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hotel management 代写 Space, the final frontier

hotel management 代写 Space, the final frontier

古希腊的异教信仰是这样的,“一开始,混沌,无定形,空谷涵盖整个宇宙,并被源源不断的水由god Oceanus统治,是一个女神的名字叫欧律诺墨域,这意味着“统治”或“宽远游子”。她是万物之神,希望使秩序脱离混乱。通过耦合与庞大而有力的蛇,orphion,或有一些传说说,与北方的风,她生了厄洛斯,神的爱,也被称为protagonus,“长子”。欧律诺墨分开天空从海的Oceanus波舞。在这种方式中,她创造了伟大的土地上安身,名副其实的宇宙,填充与外来生物如仙女,复仇女神和慈善事业以及无数的野兽和怪物。”(埃利奥特,1页)。这一信念被驳回,因为它完全荒谬和荒诞。更不要说在过去的2000年里,信仰没有被实践。然而,它确实包含了一些信息,揭示了更多的现代创作的故事。



hotel management 代写 Space, the final frontier

The ancient Greek pagan belief goes like this, “In the beginning, Chaos, an amorphous, gaping void encompassing the entire universe, and surrounded by an unending stream of water ruled by the god Oceanus, was the domain of a goddess named Eurynome, which means “far-ruling” or “wide-wandering”. She was the Goddess of All Things, and desired to make order out of the Chaos. By coupling with a huge and powerful snake, Orphion, or as some legends say, coupling with the North Wind, she gave birth to Eros, god of Love, also known as Protagonus, the “firstborn”. Eurynome separated the sky from the sea by dancing on the waves of Oceanus. In this manner, she created great lands upon which she might wander, a veritable universe, populating it with exotic creatures such as Nymphs, Furies and Charities as well as with countless beasts and monsters.” (Elliot, pg. 1). This belief was dismissed, because of its complete ridiculousness and absurdity. Not to mention that belief has not been practiced for the past 2000 years. However, it does contain information that sheds light on more modern creation story.

The Big Bang theory is the most widely accepted hypothesis of our origin. It states that approximately 14 billion years ago our universe went from a microscopic ball of super concentrated energy to everything we know, in literally no time at all, as time has not been created yet. A giant blast made the energy collide into each other and fabricate matter and its counterpart antimatter. Matter and antimatter are exact opposites and if they come into contact with each other it results in a complete obliteration of both the matter and antimatter (Kauffman, pg. 1). This theory was created because scientists noticed that some galaxies were accelerating away from our galaxy at a great speed, this caused a red shift; other galaxies were accelerating towards us, this is known as blue shift. This phenomenon is a result of the Big Bang. The blast made the neutron sized universe into its ever expanding state. Scientists believe that as time passed matter has cooled and created an environment that is suitable for life (origin of universe, pg. 1).

All of these creation stories have a similar sequence of events, starting at nothing, to something happening creating The Universe, to earth being formed. All three theories are telling the same story but with different characters, and events. We can feel confident in our stories because of the research that has been done, research done by people like Copernicus, Brahe, and Kepler. The greatest contributions came from first hand exploration.