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In this research, to get information on the consumer behaviour toward the car purchasing a conclusive and descriptive research design was chosen. The hypotheses that proposed in chapter 1 were tested and the factors that influence the purchasing of hybrid car were examined. A cross-sectional design was used where only one sample was drawn from the target population. To obtain the information from the respondents, the survey method was applied. The survey was based on a formal structured questionnaire. The respondents were asked a variety of questions regarding to the hybrid car purchasing behaviour and information search.

In this research, primary data is collected by distributing questionnaires to solve the specific problem in this study. The questionnaires were distributed to the respondents to be filled up and the questionnaire would only be distributed to those who agree to cooperate and participate in this survey. Questionnaire will be delivered and collected by hand and through internet survey by email.

Due to time and resource constraint, convenience sampling method was used. The target sampling population will rely on the researcher’s personal judgement. To get information of the study in a fast and less expensive way, researcher distributed the questionnaire randomly through friends, colleagues, relatives and email. The respondents were kept reminded from time to time. Researcher’s contact number and email was addressed in the questionnaire so that respondents can call researcher if they don’t understand the meaning of the questions.

The purpose of this study is to examine the purchase intention HEVs. Thus, the targeted respondents are consumers from various groups that have purchasing power. The targeted age groups are adults’ age above 18 years old which consists of young adults, middle-age adults and elderly. The reason of the selection is because people under the age of 18 are still considered as a teenager and they have less purchasing power. Thus, it is rarely to see people under 18 to purchase their own car without the support from their parents. Besides that the data were collected by means of self administered survey method. This method was used to provide sufficient time for respondent to answer the questions carefully. Due to money and time constraint, a sample of 150 respondents will be used.