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Consumer buying behavior has changed dramatically in the past decade. In order to succeed in any business, and especially in today’s dynamic and rapidly evolving marketplace, suppliers need to know everything they can about consumers-what they want, what they think, what they need and how it influences on consumer decision (Schiffman & Kanuk 2007).

On one hand, the sophisticated consumers and customers will demand more and more from suppliers in this competitive environment. In logistics industry, how to identify the customer needs and satisfy them as a profit supplier in such competitive environment is what the most companies concerned. On the other hand, consumer buying behavior also affects marketing strategy. To understand the factors influencing consumer buying behavior can predict consumer needs and expectations of products or services provided so as to set up an effective marketing strategy and promote products in a right position in marketplace (Christopher & Peck 2003).

A successful logistics company can provide prompt transportation and deliver the products to a particular destination or to a client. Logistics activities can be simply divided into sea freight and air freight. Express transportation is one of the transportation modes and can be classified into air freight. It provides courier service to customers. Customers choose express service because of its rapid, reliable, time-definite delivery service all over the world.

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Global trade of goods and services becomes to the largest economy in the world and it is more than the economy of any one country. Value: $18.3 trillion in 2010. It works by Logistics Company which provides transportation service to international customers. Global trade will continue to grow up and it will be driven by Asia Pacific, and its emerging market, such as China.

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