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PLC,赛后,帮助组织计划和体谅的产品。意识到,每一个产品会死如果不改进或修改在某种程度上,帮助组织努力工作不断改进他们的产品。这个事实是不会丢失在苹果(aapl . o:行情)和公司致力于不断改进产品或新功能添加到现有的产品。苹果(aapl . o:行情)可能是公司了解产品生命周期的重要性最,他们通常用新产品代替自己的产品而仍然在增长阶段推出一年后的(平均)。策略是值得称赞的,因为它确保没有竞争对手需要他们的位置和他们的市场份额。

A product has been defined as “tangible” in the past but we are at the age where that definition is no longer adequate as it does not completely capture the whole essence of a product. A product is defined as a combination of both tangible and intangible properties for the sole purpose of customer satisfaction (Baker, Marketing Strategy and Management, 2007). A product is more than just the food a customer eats at a restaurant; it includes all the services rendered such as convenience, speed, mobility etc (Cheverton, 2004).

The PLC helps organizations plan and make allowance for the eventualities of products. The realisation that every product will die if not improved or modified in some ways, help organizations work hard at constantly improving their products. This fact is not lost on Apple Inc and the company strives to constantly improve on its products or add new features to its existing products. Apple Inc is probably the company that understands the importance of the product lifecycle the most and they usually replace their own product with a new product while it’s still in the growth stage (Average of a year after its launch). The strategy is commendable as it ensures that no competitor takes their position and their market share.