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Unless a retailer is selling technology, information management services should be viewed only as an enabler and support of the retail value proposition. Getting the most return on technology investments is a combination of how it is utilized as well as what what is done. Utilized successfully, modern databases can help a company quickly sort through masses of data to discern what is truly useful and relevant. Utilized unsuccessfully, modern databases can quickly bog you down with literally millions of unactionable, routine data points that represents a disproportionate amount of staff time used only to report a 30,000 foot fact such as sales are up. Rather imagine the implications of having product and category data for year-over-year, month-over-month sales for stores and store groups along with pricing and inventory variances. Such information can enable retailers to quickly discover what works and adapt on the fly to shifting consumer demand, consistently planning the right product at the right location in the correct quantities at a price that will produces a mutual value to both the customer and the retailer.

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