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case study怎么写 The Special Word Of Tokusatsu In Japan

Kamen rider after Faiz is Blade. there are four kamen rider : Blade,chalice,leangle,and garren. This kamen rider series using a poker card to attack and transform. Blade is using all of blade card,chalice is using all of heart card,leangle is using all of jack card, and garren is using all of diamond card. First there are just blade and garren,and then came chalice and leangle. There are jokers too as the final enemy of them and thry don’t know that joker is chalice at all. In the end of the story chalice fight with blade using king form and last kenzaki kazuma as the blade suicide to balance the power of joker because he became joker at the end of the story.

Hibiki is the sixth kamen rider in the heisei era. In this series, they are called ony means demon to defeat the enemy . in the story, the kamen rider is divide by three school of music. First, Kabuki as known as the school using a guitar as they weapon to defeat the enemy. Second, Ibuki as known as school who is using trumpet as the weapon to defeat the enemy. Last but not least, Hibiki as known as the main character in this kamen rider series. He is using drum stick to defeat the enemy. In this three school each school hold their scroll tight so no one of the other school can read what is written in the scroll. Kamen rider hibiki can transform into armed mode where he became angry.makamou is the word to called the monster in this movie.

Kabuto is an insect kamen rider in kamen rider series.the stories began in 7 years ago in Japan where there is an uknown meteor fall in Shinjuku. There is an organization name ZECT that create a masked rider system to defeat worm. Worm is the monster that can mimick the people and kill the people that they mimicked. The worm come from the meteor that happen 7 years ago. One of the masked rider system is kabuto, a beetle kamen rider with red form. The user of the system is Tendou Souji, a man that walk in the path of heaven that will rule everything. Tendou have a characteristic that recuires to be a kabuto. His friend named kagami Arata, become a gattack a stag beetle with blue form. Arata always doing something carelsssly,but he have a good spirit when fighting against worm and don’t want to lose from Tendou. There is another kamen rider in this movie such as : kamen rider the bee, kamen rider drake, kamen rider sasword, kamen rider kick hooper and punch hooper, and last but not least kamen rider dark kabuto. Kamen rider the bee is a kamen rider that control troops in the battlefield as his name he is a bee kamen rider with yellow form. Kamen rider drake is a dragonfly kamen rider that have a characteristic like a wind. Sasword kamen rider is a scorpion kamen rider with purple form with his theory ; nobles oblige means in the top of everything. Kickn hopper like the name it using hooper to transform, with his friend punch hooper they came from hell. Kamen rider kabuto and gattack will received a hyper zecter that can make them transform to hyper form. In this kamen rider they have a system called cast-off and clock up. Cast-off is the system that can release their armor so yhey can use clock up system which make them better to fight. Clock up system is a system that can slow down time. Kamen rider kabuto is a kamen rider movie that use time to defeat monster.

Kamen rider den-o is a kamen rider travel through the time using a rail called denliner.there is a monster called imagin that spawn when a human that they possessed make a wish. They will make the wish come real and when they finish with the wish they come to the human past to change the world in the past so in the future the world will destroy. There is a kamen rider named den-o who will destroy them before they destroy everything in the past. There are four form ; sword form, rod form, axe form, and gun form. Sword form imagine that he have a lot of energy to fight against enemy. Rod form imagine that he is always tempting the woman around him. Axe form imagine that he always take care the people around him. Gun form is a form that imagine him about street dancer.

So the conclution is kamen rider heisei is better than showa kamen rider.

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