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case study怎么写 The Special Word Of Tokusatsu In Japan

平成假面骑士假面骑士的时代是一个premired后于2000年第一kuuga.kamen假面骑士假面骑士假面骑士》是讲述年轻冒险家和AS AS这工作困难,故意让他找到一个带一个强大的warior变换中,敌人是被称为“三era.his直播形式“WHO CAN disguised自己一人。他们的语言是语言在长时间使用一个多ago.this假面骑士可以变换形状的形式如:飞马是一个绿色的形式,他从敌人或CAN湖长distance.dragon形式是一个蓝色的形式组成的CAN feets THA从地面跳在他,但他不能飞的形式组成的钛是紫色的。这使他像一个钢铁的形式,所有的孩子nullified学院attack.as时流自己的敌人是越来越强,因此必须找到他的假面新权力寻租的地方them.as嘿嘿finaly电力有一个黄金的形式在改变窗体变得更强。最后的形式是一个黑色的终极形式的形状看起来像一个皇帝嘿钢装甲和多电源转换器失败自己的敌人。假面假面骑士是一个错误。

Tokusatsu is a word in Japan for special effect and mostly used in sci-fi/phantasy/horror/live-action in Japan Production.”tokusatsu” is the shortness of tokushu satsuei, a Japan word that can be translate as special photography that means using camera tricks for photography work.

in Japan tokusatsu is popular especially in kids,but like a time flow tokusatsu is being abandoned by people. The people who make tokusatsu won’t give up. They make the story more fun and intresting. This thing make tokusatsu look good again and there’s many kind of tokusatsu in Japan now. As example:kamen rider.

Kamen rider is divide by two, kamen rider showa era and kamen rider heisei era. First kamen rider showa era. In this kamen rider era there’s 7 kind of kamen rider. Kamen rider cyborg 009 was premired in 3rd april in 1971. The kamen rideis telling about a human that can transformed or cyborg. In April 1971 to January 1976 there is manya kamen rider following the kamen rider such as kamen rider V3, kamen rider V3X,kamen rider Amazon,and kamen rider 1980, kamen rider BLACK is premired.kamen rider BLACK is take a basic In American series Masked in this era kamen rider was growing especially in their special attack.form the first kamen rider to the kamen rider BLACK their special attack is the smane at all.

Kamen rider Heisei era is a kamen rider that premired after 2000.the first kamen rider is kamen rider Kuuga.kamen rider Kuuga tell about a young man that work as adventurer and as not intentional find a belt that makes him transform into a powerful warior in that era.his enemy is called an “unidentified live form” who can disguised themselves into human. Their language is using a language in long time ago.this kamen rider can transform into many form such as : Pegasus form is a green form that he can see or hear a enemy in long distance.dragon form is a blue form tha make he can jump many feets from ground,but can’t make him fly.Titan form is purple form that make he like a steel that nullified all kind of time flow the enemy is getting strong,so Kuuga must find his new power to defeat he seeking the power he finaly got a gold form to change the forms before become stronger. The last form is ultimate form is a black form looks like emperor he have a steel armor and much power to defeat the enemy.Kuuga is a bug kamen rider.

Following it there is kamen rider Agito.kamen rider agito telling about a man who have an instinc to detection an this kamen rider series there is another kamen rider such as gills who fight to find himself in the battlefield.G-3 is police tools to eliminate enemy,but just can hold about 30 minutes after using it.G-3 then evolute to G-3X that more powerfull.Agito can transform to cyclone, sword, burning,and then shining.Cyclone form is a blue form of agito that use spear as the weapon. Sword form is a red form of agito that use sword as weapon. Burning form is full-red form of agito when he feels angry. Shining is evolution from burning when it touch a sunlight then it becomes white form.

Kamen rider Ryuuki is after Agito. This kamen rider using card to transform and attack. This kamen rider fight each other in the mirror world just to survive. There are many kamen rider in this time using animal as the basic : dragon, bat, bison, cobra, swan, chameleon, tiger, armadillo, crab, rayfish,and phoenix. Kamen rider ryuuki as the dragon and his partner kamen rider knight as the bat can use survive card that can change them into their final form to defeat the strongest kamen rider phoenix.

Next is kamen rider triple five or faiz. There an organization called smart brain that make an experiment to make a human stronger,but the experiment is failed an make the sample become a monster named defeat orphonc smart brain create a system named rider system that can transform into kamen rider. Faiz using a belt an cellular phone to transform to kamen rider. There are three kamen rider in this season first faiz using number 555,second Kaiser using number 333,and delta using number 000.Faiz has also enemy called orphoncs.this orphoncs can eat human souls so they can stay survive.the user of faiz do not know that he is also an orphonc until an orphonc attack him and made him change to orphonc. Kamen rider Faiz can change into two form.first Accel form,this form make him fast and strong but just for ten second using a watch that has been given by smart brain. Last form is Blaster form, this form make Faiz stronger than other kamen rider with his weapon.