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顾客驱动的模式在怎么强调都不为过。可以重申这一点也说明零售商最大的客户量可能不是它最赚钱的部分基础。这个警告的分割方法可以产生显著的可操作的了解零售商的策略(意图和哲学!)。例如,一个加拿大服装零售商发现,它的客户交付76%的收入的22%。这些消费者关注于选择,具体地说,他们不关注各种各样的广度和深度(施莱辛格,史蒂文森& 1999年皮尔斯pp.32-33)。失踪的船在这个隐含的细微差别是相当昂贵的零售商,因此专注于消费者价值观是零售价值主张的基础。

总的来说,零售商的零售价值承诺交付价值。这个值是通过商品的选择,总存储经验从客户的角度来看,定价结构以及方便的和其他因素(施莱辛格,史蒂文森&皮尔斯1999,页15 – 16)。命题是传达和执行的有效性直接相关的公司的成功。

The customer-driven approach cannot be overemphasized. This point can be reiterated by also illustrating that a retailer’s largest volume of customers may not be it’s most profitable segment base. The addition of this caveat to the segmentation approach can yield significant actionable insight to a retailer’s strategy (intent and philosophy!). For example, a Canadian clothing retailer discovered that 22% of it’s customers delivered 76% of the revenue. These shoppers focused on selection, specifically, they focused on the breadth of the assortment and not the depth (Stevenson, Schlesinger, & Pearce 1999, pp.32-33). Missing the boat on this connotative nuance would have been quite costly to this retailer, thus the focus on what the consumer values is the basis for the retail value proposition.

In total, the retail value proposition is the promise of a retailer to deliver value. This value is delivered via the selection of goods, the total store experience from the customer’s perspective, the pricing structure as well as convenience and other factors (Stevenson, Schlesinger, & Pearce 1999, pp. 15-16). The effectiveness with which the proposition is communicated and implemented is directly correlated to the success of the firm.

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