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昆士兰代写assignment Characters And Themes Of Beowulf

The news of Grendel reached the warrior in Hygelac of Geatland. He was a powerful man named Beowulf and had a will to help out the Danes. Elders didn’t want him to go, but inspected omens and spurred his ambition. He took fourteen men to go with him. Time went by, and warriors left with weapons and a boat. The sea was calm, and warriors thanked God for it. One of the Danes watchmen saw men unloading battle equipment, so he rode to the shore to challenge them. Beowulf announced that he was son of Ecgtheow of Geats and he wanted to meet Hrothgar. He could help defeat the enemy threatening the Danes and make the land peaceful. The coast-guard took the men to the road, and arrived at Heorot.

They met a soldier named Wulfgar, a Wendel chief well known for wisdom and temper of his mind. Beowulf told him he would like to meet Hrothgar and run his errands. Wulfgar gave a message to Hrothgar, and Hrothgar, who recognized Beowulf’s name through his father, Ecgtheow, and welcomed Beowulf. Beowulf introduced himself to Hrothgar, about how he heard about Grendel, how elders supported him for all his great strength. He declared he will fight Grendel and settle the outcome in single combat. He told him to just send back the breast webbing to Lord Hygelac if the battle took him. Hrothgar recollected the memory of Ecgtheow and how he had acknowledged Hrothgar with allegiance. Grendel was now attacking he country, killing all people. He but first took the Geats to feast in Heorot.

During the feast, Unferth, a son of Ecglaf, tried to discredit Beowulf. He told people that Beowulf had lost the swimming contest against Breca, and he wouldn’t succeed against Grendel. Beowulf however, corrected Unferth by saying that he had defeated Breca as a strongest swimmer and also fought off sea monsters. He also said he can’t recall any fight Unferrth or Breca faced a grave danger during the battle Unferth even killed his own kith and kin. Beowulf reaffirmed his determination to defeat Grendel.

Everyone counted on Beowulf, and people started to laugh and cheer. Hrothgar’s queen, Wealtheow came in. She first handed the cup to Hrothgar, then to Beowulf. She welcomed the Geats and thanked God for sending them. Beowulf said he will prove himself with a proud deed or meet death, which pleased the queen. Hrothgar declared he was ready for the night’s rest. He wished Beowulf health and good luck, and promised great reward. Beowulf renounced the use of weapons, and left all the battle to Divine Lord. Beowulf and his men rested, and they waited for Almighty God’s judgment. Everyone was asleep except for one man who was in fighting mood.

Beowulf defeated Grendel

Grendel finally came and roamed forth. He was angry and wanted blood. He was trying to rip life from every men sleeping in the mansion. Beowulf watched and waited for him to make the move. Beowulf grabbed a man and killed him. Grendel was going for Beowulf, but Beowulf seized the claw. He was scared that he wanted to flee for the first time in his life. As they fought on, structures of Danes got smashed. Beowulf’s warriors worked to defend Beowulf, but they found out none of the weapons work on Grendel. However, Grendel was in pain with Beowulf’s attack that he ran away.

People praise Beowulf

第二天早上,人们都很高兴,他们的恐惧终于结束了。贝奥武夫被称道。Grendel死了最后!Hrothgar的歌手唱的武夫。他还唱了关于故事的sigemund,屠龙者,和King heremod,他在晚年堕落。

The next morning, people were all happy that their days of fear were finally over. Beowulf was praised everywhere. Grendel was dead at last! Hrothgar’s minstrel sang about Beowulf. He also sang about tale of Sigemund, the dragon slayer, and King heremod, whom corrupted in late years.

丹麦人也听到这个消息,King Hrothgar感谢上帝,采用Beowulf”在他的心中。”他宣布贝奥武夫是他希望孩子答应他将贝奥武夫丰富。贝奥武夫告诉他打架的事,而是后悔没有把格伦德尔的身体。unferth也看到格伦德尔的手臂,并承认贝奥武夫击败了Grendel。